Details for I360 STORAGE AUCTION

I360 STORAGE AUCTION The following storage units will be auctioned according to the PENNSYLVANIA STATUTES TITLE 73., CHAPTER 26. SELF-SERVICE STORAGE FACILITIES ACT 73 P.S. SECTION 1901 (2002). CHASITY DRAKE SUN-41, HAMMOND PROPERTY MAINTENANCE SUN-72, HEATHER LAROSE SUN-95, SID BUMBAUGH SUN-154, ERIC SHOWAKER SUN-128, SUN-129, SUN-142 & SUN-143, CANDY STINE SUN-120, SAMANTHA BUHRMAN SUN-167, LINDSEY HOUSER SUN-208, DIANNA RAMIREZ SUN-214, TROY RIDGLEY SUN-168, TODD ROGERS SUN-175, CORY WILLARD SUN-210 PAM FRIDINGER PH/F/8, LORI KETCHUM PH/J 2/8, J/10, J/11, J12, AUSTIN LOCKE PH/E/15, TIM MITCHELL PH/C/12, R & KATHY RIESS PH C/8 & C/9, MELISSA SANDERS PH F/6, BETHANY WESTERLUND PH F/3 The contents of these units will be sold at a public auction to satisfy the owner's lien. The sale will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019, beginning at 10:00am. The sale will take place at Big Dog Storage Rental Storage (4795 Sunset Pike, Chambersburg), proceeding to KJS Storage (10368 Possum Hollow Road, Shippensburg), each sale location following conclusion of the previous site. Any questions, please call the I360 office at 717-264-1990.


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