PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF INTENT TO ISSUE Title V Operating Permit Renewal Permit NO. 21-05031 Cumberland County 21-05031: CommunityRefuse Service, Inc. / Cumberland Landfill (135 Vaughn Road, Shippensburg,PA 17257) for operation of a Shaw / Land Fill Gas (LFG) Specialties enclosed ground flare facility in Hopewell and North Newton Township, Cumberland County. Inaccordance with 25 Pa. Code 127.424 and 127.425 the Department ofEnvironmental Protection (DEP) has received an application and intends to issue an Air Quality Operating Permit renewal for the abovementioned facility. Theactual emissions in year 2017 were 22.17 tons of CO, 5.8 tons of NOx, 12.77tons of PM-10, 1.33 tons of SO2, 13.03 tons of VOC, and 8.32 tons of total HAPs. The Title V Operating Permit will contain fuel usage restrictions, monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements designed to keep the facility operating within all applicable air quality requirements. The facility is subject to 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart WWW-Standards of Performance for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills, 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart AAAA-National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants: Municipal Solid Waste Landfills, and 40 CFR Part 61 Subpart M-National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants-Asbestos. Copies of the application, DEP's analysis and other documents used in the evaluation of the application are available for public review during normal business hoursat the PA DEP Southcentral Regional Office, at 909 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17110. Aperson may oppose the proposed operating permit or may provide the Department with additional information to consider in its review, or may request a public hearing, by filing a written protest with the Department at the address listed above. Each written comment must contain thefollowing: Name, address and telephone number of the person submitting the comments. Identification of the proposed permit by the permit number listed above. A concise statement regarding the relevancy of the information or objections to the issuance of the permit. A30-day comment period, from the date of publication of this notice in the PABulletin, will exist for the submission of comments or protests. A public hearing may be held, if the Department of Environmental Protection, in its discretion, decides that such a hearing is warranted based on the comments received. Thomas Bianca, West Permitting Chief, may be contacted at 717-705-4863, or at PA DEP Air Quality Program, 909 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17110, for additional information or for the submission of comments or protests.


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